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Desktop or Laptop Computer Repair

Our technicians have years of experience working with computers and technology every day, and have also passed industry standard certification testing for most major computer brands and independent technicial skill.

Be assured that you are getting the best service and support possible for your specific computer needs.

PC Cleanup Service

For our cleanup service, we perform a complete diagnosis and tune up of your computer. This includes the following:

Internal cleaning of PC - Blow out all dust and debris

Spyware and virus removal - We use our specialized tools to get rid of any and all malicious software that may be on your computer. If your computer is unusually slow, you get numerous pop ups of strange advertisements, or desktop icons and warning messages on your system, it is most likely a result of being infected by malware.

General Health Check - We will also check out your computer to make sure everything is working correctly. Your hard drive, CD/DVD drive, the cooling fan for your processor can all wear out over the years of daily usage, and will contribute to problems if left unchecked. We will check the age of your computer and the components inside to make sure you can continue to get years of service from your computer.

Have a question or comment about your computer? Send an email to Doug by clicking on our Contact Us page.

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