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Full Service IT Consulting

Is your company thinking of replacing or adding servers? Or perhaps you still need to implement your first one. Whatever the case, MGM Communications can provide you with the solution.

Please read below to learn how we can help manage your Microsoft Windows 2003 server, Microsoft Exchange server, or any other role you need a server to fill.

MGM Communications is your complete Information Technology services provider. From a new implentation of a file/print or email server, or setting up and supporting your company's domain controller, count on MGM Communications to handle it with prompt and courteous service.
  • Residential and Commercial Premise Data cabling
  • Cat5e, Cat6, Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Optic wiring installation
  • Custom engineered servers and workstations to fit your exacting needs
  • Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange server setup and support
  • Data Recovery and Data Backup solutions (Tape storage, NAS, online backup)
  • Firewall and router configuration
  • Network maintenance and troubleshooting
Please contact Joe or Jason for anything in regards to your IT needs. Just visit our Contact Us page and send an email.

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